Árbær Open Air Museum

Árbær was an established farm well into the 20th century, and the museum opened there in 1957. Árbær is now an open air museum with more than 20 buildings which form a town square, a village and a farm. Most of the buildings have been relocated from central Reykjavik.
Árbær Open Air Museum tries to give a sense of the architecture and way of life and lifestyles of the past  in Reykjavik and during summer visitors can see domestic animals. There are many exhibitions and events held at the Museum which highlight specific periods in Reykjavik's history. These include craft days, vintage car displays, Christmas exhibitions and much more. There is something for everyone at Árbær Open Air Museum.

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Read more about the history of the Árbær Open Air Museum

How to get there?
The museum is an open-air museum, situated by the street Kistuhylur in Ártúnsholt, Reykjavik. From City Centre take Bus nr. 19 from Hlemmur. The bus stops at Strengur which is just a few moments walk from the museum. (See map). Other buses that stop close to the museum are nr. 12 and nr. 24.  For more information about public transport see: bus.is

Opening Hours

June 1st - August 31st:  Open daily from from 10.00-17.00

September 1st - May 31st:  Visits by guided tours only. Guided tours daily at 13.00 or by appointment.

Groups can also visit the museum by appointment throughout the year.


Adults: 1.300 ISK.

Children (18 years and younger): Free admission

Groups (10+ paying as a group):  760 ISK

For further information please call (+ 00 354) 411 6304 or send us an email at citymuseum@reykjavik.is.


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Börn á hestakerru

Bank Holiday weekend - Fun and Games | 30.07.2014

Children and children’s games will be in the limelight for Bank holiday weekend, August 3rd and 4th. Both days a special program for children will commence at 14 (2 pm). This includes Bag run, Tug-of-War and much more.


Queer History - Life in the Countryside vs the City- | 29.07.2014

On Sunday July 27 at 15:00 we offer a guided tour around Árbær Open Air Museum with the ethnologist Særún Alice Birgisdóttir . The focus of this tour will be on the history of homosexuals in the context of the museum.


Brúðubíllinn kemur í heimsókn 22. júlí | 21.07.2014

Hinn sívinsæli Brúðubíll kemur í heimsókn á Árbæjarsafn þriðjudaginn 22. júlí. Leikrit júlí mánaðar heitir Týnda eggið, en þar er Lilli að leika sér í dótatunnunni sinni og hún er sneisafull að alls kyns söngvum, leikritum, sjóræningjum og sögum. Trúðurinn kemur í heimsókn og margir fleiri. Sýningin hefst kl. 14 og það er ókeypis fyrir þá gesti sem koma að horfa á Brúðubílinn.

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