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Arbær Museums puts a great emphasis on service to schools and students. Special tours are offered to those groups which are tailored to their need. Visits by school groups can be arranged all year round and is free of charge.

The Museum can only receive one class at a time. It is preferred that large group be split up and room in many of the houses is often small. Groups are advised to come well prepared and in suitable clothing as the museum area is big.

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Stúlka og lamb

Summer season starts at the Open Air Museum | 28.05.2015

The summer season starts at the Árbær Open Air Museum on Saturday, May 30th. On Sunday, May 31st, there will be a concert and exhibition talk. For more information click on this event.


Opening hours for the weekend May 23rd-25th | 20.05.2015

The Open Air Museum will be open for the weekend of May 23rd to 25th from 1 pm to 5 pm (13-17). The summer schedule will take full effect on May 30th and the Museum will be open all summer long until August 31st from 10 am to 5 pm (10-17). The Settlement exhibition will be open from 9 am to 8 pm (9-20) every day.


Hjáverkin: Atvinnusköpun kvenna í heimahúsum 1900-1970 | 12.05.2015

Á íslenska safnadaginn, sunnudaginn 17. maí kl. 14.00, verður opnuð ný sýning í Árbæjarsafni sem ber heitið Hjáverkin – atvinnusköpun kvenna í heimahúsum 1900-1970.

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