For Students


Arbær Museums puts a great emphasis on service to schools and students. Special tours are offered to those groups which are tailored to their need. Visits by school groups can be arranged all year round and is free of charge.

The Museum can only receive one class at a time. It is preferred that large group be split up and room in many of the houses is often small. Groups are advised to come well prepared and in suitable clothing as the museum area is big.

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Barnamenningarhátíð á Borgarsögusafni 2015 | 10.04.2015

At Árbær Open Air Museum there will be a children‘s festival with all sorts of fun activities for families. You can join a parade around the museum with a brass band and enjoy a children‘s concert inside a house called Lækjargata.


Opening hours at the Open Air Museum | 27.03.2015

The Museum will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday but regular guided tours are every other day at 1 pm. The Museum is closed apart for the guided tour.


Settlement Sagas | 26.03.2015

Last 21st March a special exhibition opened at the Settlement Exhibition in collaboration with the Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies. At the center of this special exhibition will be three rarely seen manuscripts that tell the history of the settlement in Reykjavík.

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