For Students


Arbær Museums puts a great emphasis on service to schools and students. Special tours are offered to those groups which are tailored to their need. Visits by school groups can be arranged all year round and is free of charge.

The Museum can only receive one class at a time. It is preferred that large group be split up and room in many of the houses is often small. Groups are advised to come well prepared and in suitable clothing as the museum area is big.

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Antique Automobile day 5th of July | 26.06.2015

The annual Antique Automobile day will be held on Sunday July 5th at the Árbær Open Air Museum.

Carving lessons at Árbær Open Air Museum 6th, 8th, 13th and 15th of July | 29.06.2015

At Árbær Open Air Museum kids can learn how to carve and drill with an old style driller in July.

Accordian festival & Haymaking Sunday 12th of July | 29.06.2015

Sunday, July 12th, guests at the Reykjavik Open Air Museum have the opportunity to view and participate in old fashioned hay making as they were conducted for centuries in Iceland. The old haymaking methods were still being practiced as late as 1960´s in many parts of Iceland, but today the machines have taken over.

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